The Green Hotel interiors and Collections: The Suites
The West Suite

The West Suite, funded by the Harry and Ethel West
Foundation, offers a rare elevated view of Shafter, a
small town of few two-story commercial buildings.
It has a separate sitting room and is served by one
of the two bathrooms, which were developed by
partitioning one of the original seven boarding
house bedrooms upstairs.

The City Suite

A generous donation made by the City of Shafter
helped finish the colorful third chamber and it
seemed natural that it should be called the City
Suite. A leaded glass window lights the only
original bathroom of the Hotel. Among the
furnishings gifted to The Hotel were California
Rancho style pieces, circa 1920, which give the
suite a mission flavor. The City Suite
looks down on Shafter's Town Square as well
as the backyard Garden Theatre.

The Bee Suite

The Bee Suite was named for the honeybees that
swarmed to a bedroom windowsill for more than
fifty years, and the honeycomb which was found
within the walls and floor during reconstruction.
It overlooks the side garden and a courtyard
paved with commemorative bricks. It boasts a
beautiful stained glass window in the bathroom
and replicas of its namesake dwell in surprising
places throughout the furnishings of the rooms.


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The Green Hotel in Shafter, California is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places and California State Historic Landmarks.